Project Application

Application Due Date: 2019-2020 Project Application is now closed. Projects for 2020-2021 will be due in December 2019.


Qualifying Criteria for Project Application

Each of the following five criteria explains its importance to the application and provides the applicant with the criteria as to how the application is reviewed.

 Community Impact (10 points)

Junior League of Sioux City members are looking for a project that addresses a significant need within the community.  Explain in detail the vision of the project, how many people will be impacted, and/or how the project ultimately addresses the needs in the community?

Volunteer Component (10 points)

The Junior League is a training organization that is charitable and educational. How will Junior League members complete this project; i.e. planning, developing, executing, and/or maintaining?

Financial Considerations (10 points)

Explain how the project will impact the community and the overall scope of financial needs/request.

Membership Needs (10 points)

Explain in detail how Junior League of Sioux City will be recognized for this project (Junior League in the name, press-release, plaque, etc.).

Timing Constraints (10 points)

Keeping in mind that most (but not all) of Junior League of Sioux City members hold full-time jobs and are unavailable during the day, explain how this project will work with the Junior League of Sioux City’s schedule.

Total out of 50 points

This application will be scored according to its qualifying criteria; however, Junior League of Sioux City may select projects as best fits membership needs.

Two ways to apply: