Annual Membership Dues

Annual Dues by Status*


 Dollar Amount Required

 Summer Provisionals**


 Winter Provisionals**


 Active (1–5 years)


 Preferred Active (5 years or more)


 Sustaining under 70 ***


 Sustaining 70-80 ***


 Sustaining Emeritus (80 and over) ***




 Seasonal Inter-League


 Leave of Absence (max. 12 months)


 Late Fee (per month)


 Transfer Fee


*Dues are expected to be paid on March 1st for the upcoming League year. Of the dues that are paid, $43 of each membership goes to the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), and the remainder is used locally at the Junior League of Sioux City.

**Provisionals are first year members who are going through the training process to join League.

***Sustainers are members who have completed a minimum of 6 active years of League service.