DIAD Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can applicants apply for mulitple DIADs throughout the year (League year runs from June 1 to May 31 of each year)?

A. Yes, applicants may apply for more than one DIAD per year, but please remember that there are many deserving non-profit agencies and awards are limited based on number of volunteers and the date required.

Q. When should our agency apply for a DIAD?

A. There is not a deadline for a DIAD application. However, we ask that you give 6 to 8 weeks notice before the event so that we can determine if we have that date available and can provide you with the volunteers needed for the event.

Q. What is the length of a typical shift for a DIAD volunteer?

A. The typical shift runs about 4 hours. You can have more than one shift for a DIAD event.

Q. Can I apply for both a Community Project and a Done in a Day event?

A. Yes, agencies may apply to for both within a League Year (June 1 through May 31).

Q. My agency applied for a Done in a Day event, but Junior League was unable to help this year. Can we apply again next year for the same event?

A. Yes, please do! An agency is allowed to apply for an event more than one time.

Q. If no monetary help is needed, can we still apply for volunteer help?

A. Of course! If no monetary help is needed, please state this on the application.

Q. How can the monetary portion of the Done in a Day event be used?

A. These funds can be used for refreshments or supplies, among other things. Please state the proposed use of the funds and the proposed amount on the application so approval can be given for both the amount and the use of funds.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact our VP of Community @ community@juniorleagueofsiouxcity.com