Highlighted Project

Backpacks for Foster Children

During the 2016-2017 Junior League year, members worked to gather backpacks & supplies to assemble 120 backpacks for foster children. These backpacks contain essential items that a foster child may need within the first 24 hours of being placed in a new home. The orignial goal of the project was to assemble 60 backpacks, but thanks to the phenomenal suport of the JLSC members, the committee was able to double their goal. The committee held a 'Backpack Drive' to encourage members to donate backpacks to the project. In addition, members were placed on teams for a 'Deck the Bin' competition during the Holiday Season. Teams were assigned different age groups & asked to bring in pajamas, toiletries, toys, blankets, books, & personal hygiene items for their assigned age group. In February, members gathered at the JLSC Headquarters to assemble the backpacks. In May, the JLSC gave the 120 backpacks to Iowa KidsNet to distribute to foster families. 

The Sioux City Journal featured this project in a May 2017 article. Click HERE to read the article.