President's Message

Headshot of Paula BrownLong before the Junior League of Sioux City came along, The Junior League for the Promotion of the Settlement Movement was formed in 1901. Its founder, a 19-year-old by the name of Mary Harriman Rumsey was a student at Barnard College in New York City. With her desire to be involved in the ongoing social reform movement, she encouraged other like-minded women to volunteer to help cure the social ills of their city. By 1921, the league was renamed to the Junior League of New York and the Association of Junior Leagues was established.

During that same year (1921), the Junior League of Sioux City (JLSC) was formed. I am excited to begin this league year with refreshed energy and dedication to enhancing our member experience, engaging in community awareness, and providing support for those in need. I follow a legacy of women leaders who have held this esteemed role over the years. As I step into their shoes, my hope is to continue the work that they have started. With the support of my board of directors and our dedicated members and sustainers, I'm confident that we will make an impact in our community this year.

The Junior League of Sioux City proudly serves as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 200 active and sustaining women volunteers. Our members are strongly committed to the mission of advancing women's leadership through volunteer action, collaboration, and training. Over the past 10 decades, we've held true to our mission while refreshing our focus on the challenges and changing needs of our community.

As we enter another league year, the Junior League of Sioux City begins with a renewed commitment to our members, the continued support of the projects we are passionate about and the expansion of our fundraising efforts. All this combined allows us to continue to support the JLSC mission and our community. We will continue to champion the issues that are close to our hearts and embrace the spirit of sisterhood and giving.

If you're not a Junior League member and would love to learn more about our mission, we invite you to join us! Contact us and/or visit us at one of our monthly member meetings. We are nothing without the combined effort and support of our members.

As one of Junior Leagues first members, Eleanor Roosevelt would say, "For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others."

Yours in Service,

Paula Brown
2023-2024 President of the Junior League of Sioux City