Board of Directors

President: Katie Kruse

Katie Kruse is the 2019-20 JLSC President. She once saw a s saying, “Real women don’t compete, they collaborate”.  When she thinks of Junior League, she thinks just that. There are beautiful women, from all walks of life, coming together to make a difference. There’s no competition or cattiness- just women getting down to business, making an impact on Siouxland. She has formally served as VP of Community and President-Elect. 

The JL highlight project is educating hotels and motels on sex trafficking. This project is bringing a topic to the surface for many employees that never knew or thought it was right to say something but it is also bringing education to our own members.  This is a topic that is not going away, and we are lucky to be on the frontlines making a difference. 

The theme Katie created for this year is Going MAD! MAD stands for Making A Difference. That is exactly what we are doing! JLSC has the strongest membership she has ever seen, the leadership board are all running and grooving, and now they get to put their energy into the right place and find their community impact focus. By focusing on an impact, they will be able to better educate JLSC members but also the community, while making a difference.  

Katie is the manager of Field Services at SAP Concur. SAP Concur offers an expense management software to companies one to one. She is lucky enough to get to work from home. She and her husband of seven years, Josh, have two sons (Odin and Zane). To keep even more busy, they are adding another bundle to the crew on April Fool’s Day! 

When Katie was just a few months old, her parents had an opportunity to talk to a psychic. This psychic said to her parents, “There will be no dust under her feet”! That statement is very true! Her and Josh are always on the go; traveling, seizing the opportunity to visit a new park, participating in a gourmet group, or embracing what Siouxland has to offer with their boys. She has been part of many organizations, and JLSC has been her favorite by far. She encourages everyone to get involved! 

President Elect: Gretchen Cooper

Gretchen is the 2019-20 President-Elect and finds Junior League most meaningful in its ability to connect women all over the country who are doing good things to make their respective communities a better place. She has previously served as Membership VP and Marketing VP. 

The JL highlight event from this past year was planning and overseeing the 6thAnnual Fore! Women Golf Tourney. Her favorite part of the fundraiser was working with the team and building relationships with those that helped make the event so special. She also feels it’s fun to have an event like this for women only! This year she is most looking forward to meeting new members, watching how the Discovery Shop transforms with the positive changes being put in place, and learning her role for the upcoming year. 

Gretchen is the owner and operator of her firm, The Law Office of Gretchen A. Cooper located in Sioux City. She and her husband, Dustin, have three kids (Cali Grade, Caroline, and Camden) and two dogs (Kinnick and Hayden). She enjoys traveling (Disneyland!), visiting family in Arizona, watching her kids play sports, and reading. 

VP of Finance: Katlyn Froisad 

Katlyn is the 2019-20 VP of Finance. She started with the organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and transferred to Junior League Sioux City. She has been involved with JL since 2015 and appreciates its mission to support and provide opportunities to women, children, and the community. She has previously served on the DIAD community and Membership Council. 

The JL highlight event is Santa Day. This day provides a place for the community to come together and enjoy time with their families. It also supports the Discovery Shop and the mission of JLSC to give back to Siouxland. This year, she is most looking forward to learning the details surrounding the finances so the organization can continue to provide so much to the community. 

Katlyn is the VP of Sales for the Dress Division at Tip Top Tux. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places and restaurants. She also loves a good book and glass of wine. Cheers to this upcoming year! 

VP of Membership: Megen Noll

VP of Community: Nikki Nobbe

Nikki Nobbe is the 2019-20 VP of Community. Prior to this year, she served as the board member at large and the Discovery Shop chair. Throughout this time, she has recognized the growth in herself and other members that have been fostered by their involvement in Junior League. 

The JL highlight project is the installation of the Camp High Hopes Sensory Playground. It was awesome to witness the hard work of the committee come to fruition and have the opportunity to help put it together! This year, she is most looking forward to more service learning projects. 

Nikki is an attorney at Moore, Heffernan, Moeller, and Meis, LLP and has been practicing for five years. 

VP of Marketing: Abby Rook

Abby is the 2019-20 VIP of Marketing and has found Junior League of Sioux City to be an organization that is willing to teach women and empower us to learn by doing. She appreciates the JLSC’s mission of training leaders because she believes that “women don’t put themselves out there for fear of failure or because they don’t know what they are doing.” She feels the JLSC offers the opportunity to take on new roles and experiences. 

 The JL highlight event she attended was the St. Petersburg ODI in February of 2019. It was a great experience for her to learn about the Junior Leagues internationally beyond the JLSC, and to get to bond with the three other attendees. She loves to broaden her understanding of the organization she is a part of while simultaneously gaining more leadership training. Looking ahead to this year, she is most excited about the Fast Track Renewal Plan Roll Out as this new focus is essential in helping JLSC support the community in the best way possible. 

 Abby is the Human Resources Generalist at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City. She enjoys reading, completing house projects, going golfing, and spending time with her family. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Devon and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child in January of 2020! 

Secretary: Danielle Gutierrez

Discovery Shop Chair: Paula Brown

Paula Brown is the 2019-20 Discovery Shop Chair. She has been involved in a variety of organizations and management work over the years, and loves how Junior League serves and gives back to the community. 

The JL highlight projects include the renovation of The Ronald McDonald House and the Human Trafficking Initiative. She has also volunteered at a variety of JLSC events within the community, and has enjoyed each opportunity in a different way. This year, she is most looking forward to helping grow the Discovery Shop by streamlining processes and establishing consistent sales and income opportunities in order to better support Siouxland. 

Paula is a real estate agent at United Real Estate Solutions. She has been married for 22 years to her husband, Dennis and together they have two children (Jessica, senior studying English Education at USD and Colin, a US Marine). She is a proud mom! She also loves to travel, chooses to live life by the motto, “Work Hard. Play Harder.”, and brings this fun mentality to JLSC!

Sustaining Advisor: Valorie Kruse and Cindy Brewer